Our mission

GINA aims to promote physically, mentally and socially active and healthy ageing throughout the life course. GINA also endeavours to focus attention on issues relating to longevity and health, social security issues, human rights, quality of life,  and dignity of older persons around the world.

GINA’s goal is to provide a platform for information exchange and networking among policy-makers, activists, researchers, professionals in service provision and training, as well as among regional and international senior associations.

A fundamental feature of GINA’s mission is to raise public awareness by organizing panels, symposia, workshops and special events.


By bringing together interdisciplinary leadership and expertise in the various fields of ageing, GINA is able to address the challenges and opportunities presented by an ageing society in an integrated and unique way.

For example, GINA assisted the World Health Organization (WHO) in organizing a global movement highlighting the importance of active and healthy ageing as well as the campaign for age-friendly cities with the City of Geneva, involving also the active participation of seniors associtions.

GINA also worked actively since 1999 with the UN NGO Committee on Ageing to bring older persons human rights to the attention of the Human Rights Council. Today it succeeded with two official statements to harness the international community to promote a Confention on Older Persons, and helped in the establishment of a recommendation on older women at CEDAW (Committee on the Elimination of Discriminbation against Women).